A VILLAGE in East Lancashire has set up an advent themed treasure hunt for residents to enjoy in the run up to Christmas.

Inspired by a similar project in Milton Keynes, Victoria Jackson started Baxenden Advent Village windows in December 2018.

And following lots of interest from the community, participating homes and businesses were each assigned an advent number, or letter spelling out the words Merry Christmas.

They decorated a visible window of their home in any theme in time for the start of advent, including the number or letter in the display, and encouraged others to follow a trail of numbers around the village.

Ms Jackson said: “It’s a wonderful community effort to create a fun and friendly activity for local families.

“Some participants even pool creative resources and share a number with their neighbour for a larger display.

“This year, even more home and businesses have come together to celebrate this way, it's great.

“Families are encouraged to walk or drive around the village following a map to check off what numbers and letters they can spot in windows in what’s a festive treasure hunt that delights kids.”

Baxenden St John’s school display the number 24, to celebrate the magic of children at Christmas, and St John’s Baxenden Church display the final celebration number, December 25.

Last year, favourite displays included Kevin the Carrot, elves, the Grinch and the magical Northern Lights theme.

Ms Jackson added: “It’s set to become a community tradition for Baxenden.

“One lady even told me her kids were meant to help her with the decorating but she secretly enjoys it more than them.”

For more information or a map to follow the trail, please visit Baxenden Village Advent Windows page on Facebook, or text 07970762595.