A BID by people to get council bosses to consider a residents-only parking scheme looks set to fail.

People living on Calder Street in Colne had petitioned Pendle Council requesting consideration be given to the introduction of such a scheme.

In February, bosses promised to carry out a survey to examine the issue and a questionnaire was sent out.

Lancashire County Council will only support residents-only parking where the district authority can clearly show a high level of available kerb space is occupied for more than six hours between 8am and 6pm on five or more days a week.

The county council also requires the proposal should be acceptable to the greater proportion of the residents.

A 75 per cent response rate from households, with more than 50 per cent of these being in favour of the scheme, is considered acceptable.

A total of 19 properties were surveyed but 11 did not respond. Seven households were in favour of the proposal and one was against.

The council says the results indicate there is only a small desire for the introduction of the scheme on Calder Street as most residents did not reply. The scheme is due to be officially ruled out at a Colne & District committee meeting.

Housing, health and engineering services manager, Sandra Farnell, said: “Whilst it remains that the majority of residents either do not want residents-only parking or do not perceive there to be problem, Lancashire County Council will not approve the introduction of a residents-only parking scheme.

“Multiple vehicle ownership by some of the residents also means that the introduction of a scheme would not make any difference to the parking on site.

“It is recommended that this application be refused.”

In order for the scheme to be introduced, not less than 67 per cent of the available kerb space should be occupied for more than six hours between 8am and 6pm on five or more days in a week from Monday to Saturday and a bona fide need of the residents would have had to have been established.

And not more than 50 per cent of the car-owning residents have or could make parking available within the curtilage of their property, or within 200 metres walking distance of that property in the form of rented space or garages. Off-street parking should not be available within 200 metres walking distance.