A MAN who only has 20 per cent neck movement after a supermarket fridge door fell on him says the incident has changed his life.

Stuart Clegg’s world was turned upside down when a fridge door fell onto the back of his neck while he was leaning to get a product from Booths supermarket, in Longridge, in May 2016.

The 53-year-old had to have two discs removed from his neck after complaining of severe neck pain and nerve pain.

Mr Clegg, of Longridge, was taking legal action against the supermarket 12 months later when an X-ray revealed he had a mild form of arthritis in his neck which he was unaware of.

The former bookmaker said the supermarket’s solicitors claimed the surgery he had was inevitable and the fridge incident had merely accelerated the need for it.

As a result Mr Clegg said he was only offered £7,000 compensation but would have been offered nearer £100,000 had he not been diagnosed with arthritis.

Mr Clegg said he has struggled to get a job since the operation because he is now unable to move his head properly.

He said: “The pain is so bad in my neck I can’t do the most basic of tasks.

“I can’t even carry a pint of milk in a shopping basket.

“I struggle to drive, I get shooting pains in my neck that run across my shoulder and down my arms, which then go numb.

“I have to undergo nerve blocking injections every six weeks. I can’t wash my hair, I have to have someone to help me.

“I feel I have been badly treated. I’m disappointed the insurance company was allowed to use the pre-existing condition against me. My arthritis played no part in the door falling on me.

“I didn’t realise I had arthritis and was able to go about my daily routine, but now I can barely do anything.”

Mr Clegg also claimed the company had not reported the accident to the regulatory authority.

However a Booths spokesman said the incident was reported to Ribble Valley health and safety department and following an investigation no further action was needed.

The Booths spokesman said: “I can confirm that Mr Clegg unfortunately suffered an accident in our Longridge store in May 2016.

“Subsequently Mr Clegg instructed solicitors to act on his behalf who brought a claim against the company for which liability was admitted.

“The claim was settled in the sum of £7,000.

“Whilst it was not necessary for this incident to be reported to the health and safety executive, we confirm that the incident was investigated by the Ribble Valley EHO; they did not require the company to undertake any further action following their investigation.

“It is most unfortunate that Mr Clegg suffered injury but we understand he settled this claim on advice from his solicitor and this matter is now concluded.”