PLAYING games are meant to be fun but it was not like that for an eight-year-old girl from Blackburn back in December 1979.

Brian Wadeson was recalling the drama and danger when a Star Wars yo-yo he bought from a suitcase salesman exploded in his daughter Gayle's face.

Mr Wadeson said: "Part of the yo-yo exploded in Gayle's face and some pieces hit me.

"I know a lot of people are buying theses and they don't know what might happen.

"It cost only 50p and seemed to be a good Christmas present.

"The sooner people are warned, the better.

"These toys are a potential danger, and if you get a piece of plastic flying in somebody's eye it could make a mess."

Mr Wadeson bought the Star Wars yo-yo in the town centre.

But when Gayle tried it out, the yo-yo which is powered by two batteries and lights up threw pieces all over the house," he added.

Michael Harding, Blackburn Council's director of administration and legal services said the council were opposed to suitcase salesman.

He added: "We are negotiating for a dedication of the malls in the shopping precinct as public walkways.

"Once that is through he will be able to apply for by-laws and prosecute suitcase salesmen."