A FASHION designer whose designs have even caught the eye of royalty has won a global award.

Former University of Huddersfield student, Celine Zara Constantinides was invited to Qingdao, China on November 7 for the World University Student Fashion Design competition and won the sustainability design award.

Princess Beatrice even wore an outfit designed by the new designer, featuring a velvet skirt depicting the coloured stained glass windows from York Minster.

Both Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie were patrons of the University of Huddersfield in 2017, and Celine was selected to design clothing for one Princess due to her talent.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Outfit designed and made for HRH Princess Beatrice of York, part way through production

The former student, said: "It was amazing to be chosen, and for her to see it part way through the design process.

"Although we never got to see a picture of Princess Beatrice wearing it, we were told it was worn to an event.

"I was honoured to be making the outfit, and drew on York as my inspiration, and I hope she loved it too."

Miss Constantinides, who is 25 originally from Blackburn, but now living and working in the Ribble Valley, said: “I had four designs, all of which had metal and wool in them.

“I showcased these designs at London Fashion Week too, and I’m most passionate about this collection, so it’s nice to get some recognition for it.”

Clothes included in the Qingdao collection, Sonata in F, were made using piano wool, and metal, inspired by her love of classical music and ethical wear.

The fashion graduate visited piano manufacturers Cavendish Pianos in Yorkshire for her ideas leading her to A.W Hainsworth, who provided her with surplus wool used in the pianos.

Miss Constantinides said: “My inspiration was Sonata in the F, a classical piece of music by Bach.

“I wanted to do something important to me and since I’m also a classical musician, this seemed perfect.

“I used recycled piano wool, leather, and metal, because this is all in a piano, with metal used in the soundboards.

“I like to take a concept and make something that you would not think was originally related.”

There were only two universities representing the UK in Qingdao, with 25 students taking part.

Miss Constantinides said: “I met designers from around the world and It was eye-opening to see the country and their attitudes to fashion.

“China has an incredible manufacturing name, they knew what they were talking about, but the bespoke and sustainable luxury is what they want more of.”

After studying her degree in fashion design and textiles, Miss Constantinides was approached by Fashion Crossover London to be part of their graduate talent programme.

While in the showroom, a coat by Miss Constantinides was picked out by kpop star London Oli, who wore the coat in his music video, Heart of Korea.

The upcoming modern designer is looking forward to the new year and said: “My aim is to inject a new lease of creative life into the fashion industry through my unique designs.

“I want to bring meaningful, contemporary, high quality pieces, designed around each individual to the heart of Lancashire.”

To see more of Miss Constantinides designs, follow her Instagram – @celinezaradesign or visit www.celinezaradesign.co.uk