A WOMAN launched a frenzied attack on her partner at a function to celebrate his parents’ 30th wedding anniversary.

Blackburn magistrates heard Charlotte Roper repeatedly punched and kicked her partner outside Rishton Cricket Club after accusing him of being unfaithful.

And when members of his family, including his mum and sister, tried to intervene they were also assaulted by out-of-control Roper.

Roper, 26, of Clayton Way, Altham, pleaded guilty to assaulting her partner Ryan McGahey, his mum, Nicola McGahey, his sister Lauren McGahey and Aaron McGahey.

She was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months and made subject to a community order for 12 months with 20 days rehabilitation. She was ordered to pay £100 compensation to Lauren McGahey and £120 to Nicola McGahey.

Philippa White, prosecuting, said Roper and her partner were arguing outside the club and she was accusing him of having been unfaithful.

“He was punched repeatedly to the face, arms, legs and stomach and tried to bite him to the hip area,” said Mrs White. “When his sister Lauren tried to intervene she was kicked in the head, the defendant’s foot making contact with her temple and cheekbone.”

Nicola McGahey had seen the assault on her son and also saw Roper get into a car and appear to leave.

“She then came back, grabbed Mrs McGahey by the blouse, pulled her hair and then hit her in the face, cutting her lip,” said Mrs White.

“Aaron McGahey also tried to intervene and for his trouble was punched three or four times in the face.”

Mrs White said Ryan had not been prepared to make a statement to the police.

Nicola McGahey said the incident had caused her anxiety and stress. She was concerned it had happened at a family gathering.

“She said what should have been a celebration turned into chaos and disaster,” said Mrs White.

Lauren McGahey said she and Roper had been good friends prior to the incident.

She suffered bruising and swelling to her face and the day after the incident had to go to hospital after collapsing from concussion.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said his client conceded she had behaved appallingly.

“She and Ryan were under the influence of alcohol, and there was an argument,” said Mr Taylor. “Family members came out because they were concerned but I am told all the children remained inside.”

He said Roper accepted she had assaulted Ryan and members of his family tried to intervene.

“There was then a general melee with people grabbing hold of her and trying to stop her,” said Mr Taylor.

“It would also appear someone was trying to get her in a car. Because of the drink and the fact she was slightly disorientated she was lashing out.”

He said Roper accepted she had caused a great deal of upset.

“She accepts she is going to have to build bridges so she can move forward with the relationship with Ryan and his family,” added Mr Taylor.