SOME Blackburn Rovers fans' delight at watching Tony Mowbray’s side completing three wins on the trot turned to anger when they returned to find their Ford Fiesta cars had been stolen during the match.

Paul Brindle was one of the fans who was shocked to see his Ford Fiesta ST3 had been taken when he returned to St Aidan’s Close, Mill Hill, at 9.45pm after watching the 1-0 win against Brentford.

The 33-year-old normally gets a lift but decided to drive to the match on Wednesday.

He said: “I was working at the hospital and my brother normally takes me but I had just finished my shift.

“I knew where I parked my car and there was no glass on the ground to show they'd smashed a window to get in.

“The police have told me they must have had some kind of keyless entry to get in.

“I have heard on social media that there were five of the same car taken but I spoke to the police and they said they had four reports.

“It was really shocking but I suppose what do we expect with that kind of car?

“It is sporty and they are highly sought after. It was obviously an organised job as they knew where the Rovers fans would be parking and knew they had enough time to do it before people would come back.”

Yesterday, Mr Brindle received good news to say that police had managed to track down his car.

He said: “It was found in Dover Close and I feel for the people whose car is still missing.

“The police want to do some forensic tests on the car so let's hope they can catch the people.

“I want to sell the car now as I don’t want a car that is going to be stolen or a target constantly.”

Another Rovers fan who was still awaiting for some news was Emma North whose Ford Fiesta Titanium was taken from Albion Street.

The 31-year-old admin assistant said: “I got back to the area at 9.50pm and kept walking along the road because I thought I had missed it.

“I had a car seat in the car and they did not even leave that.

"I need the car as I care for my 90-year-old grandparent who is in a nursing home.”

Around the same time another Ford Fiesta ST was taken from Slater Street, pictured right, and another was taken on Ashwood Avenue.

If you have any information about the Ford Fiesta Titanium theft then ring 101 using the log number LC-20191127-1503.