A SEAT held by Labour since 1992 could be taken by the Conservatives in the December 12 General Election, a new poll suggests.

The detailed analysis of individual constituencies by respected pollsters YouGov suggests Hyndburn will see Graham Jones, MP since 2010, unseated by borough Tory councillor Sara Britcliffe.

It holds further bad news for opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn as it predicts that the Conservatives will hang on in Labour’s two target seats of Rossendale and Darwen, held by Jake Berry, and Pendle, the constituency of Foreign Office minister Andrew Stephenson.

The YouGov poll suggests Labour will lose 51 seats and the Tories will win 42 extra giving them a total of 359 out of 650 MPs – a working majority.

Mr Jones said the election of 24-year-old Cllr Britcliffe would be ‘a disaster’ taking Hyndburn ‘back to square one’.

She said: “I am happy but I am not complacent.”

The poll puts the Conservatives in Hyndburn on 43 per cent (up on 40.5 in 2017) with Labour on 39 (down from 53.4) which would wipe out Mr Jones 5,815 majority. It describes the seat as ‘leaning Conservative’.

A switch of the Brexit Party’s 10 per cent to Cllr Britcliffe would boost Tory chances of taking the seat with the Liberal Democrats polling at five and the Green Party at two.

In Pendle, where Mr Stephenson had a majority of 1,279, Mr Stephenson is on an estimated 54 per cent of the vote to the 36 of Labour candidate Azhar Ali.

Both it and Rossendale and Darwen come under the heading of ‘likely Conservative win with Mr Berry in the latter on 53 per cent well ahead of Labour candidate Alyson Barnes on 37.

Two years ago the Northern Powerhouse minister had a majority of 3,216.

Blackburn is down as a ‘Safe Labour’ hold for its candidate Kate Hollern, who had a majority of 20,358 in 2017. The YouGov poll puts her on 54 per cent well ahead of the Conservatives on 27 with the Brexit Party on eight.

It’s a ‘Safe Conservative’ story for its candidate Nigel Evans in the Ribble Valley polling at 58 per cent against Labour’s 25 and the Liberal Democrats 11.

In Burnley Labour candidate Julie Cooper, who had a majority of 6,353 over the Tories two years ago, YouGov estimates her vote at 39 per cent (down from 2017’s 46.7 per cent) with Conservative at 31, the Brexit Party on 16 and the LibDems on nine.

Mr Jones said: “If we wake up with a Tory MP on December 13, it will be a disaster. I would ask voters to reflect on the fact that it could mean the election of Tory backbench MP who would support further cuts, undo all the work I have done to bring investment and jobs to the borough and take Hyndburn back to square one.”

Ms Britcliffe said: “If the residents of Hyndburn want to get Brexit done and bring about real change, there is only one thing they can do: get out an vote for it on December12.”