TORY candidate Sara Britcliffe has challenged her Hyndburn Labour rival Graham Jones on his stance on Brexit.

She has written to the MP for the seat since 2010 about his intentions on the issue if he wins on December 12.

Cllr Britcliffe tells him: "There is no doubt that getting Brexit done is the key issue facing the UK.

"Voters deserve to know what you would do.

"Can you clarify it for them by answering the following four questions:

"* Do you agree with your leader Jeremy Corbyn's decision to remain neutral on Brexit?

"* What is your plan to get Brexit done?

"* Will you remain neutral in a second referendum and, if not, how will you campaign?

"* Will you refuse to support any government which is reliant on the votes of the SNP and second independence referendum?"

Mr Jones said: "I have replied to Sara Britcliffe and I have three question in return:

"* Did you vote Remain or Leave at the 2016 EU referendum?

"* Do you support Jacob Rees-Mogg as a Conservative?

"* Do you accept I voted for Labour's and also Ken Clarke's Brexit plans in Parliament?"

Green candidate Katrina Brockbank said: "This letter is a cheap publicity stunt.

"Ultimately this is all a distraction - as a species we're facing mass extinction in three generations."

Brexit Party candidate Greg Butt said: "Boris’ withdrawal agreement is the same as May’s.

"If we want to pursue nationalisation then we must leave the EU cleanly. I don't understand why the left don't believe in leave. Corbyn did once.

"We know Graham Jones is a dyed-in-the-wool ‘Remainer’."

Liberal Democrat Adam Waller-Slack said: "The Tories have been negotiating with each other for two years and cannot agree on Brexit.

"Labour is divided on the biggest issue for the UK since the Second World War – and refuses to back a clear position. People are fed up with the Brexit chaos. If the Liberal Democrats form a majority government, we would revoke Article 50, ending the chaos.

"If there is a hung parliament we would support a 'Peoples Vote'. We would campaign passionately to remain."