BLACKBURN Labour election candidate Kate Hollern has welcomed her party’s commitment to compensate women born in the 1950s for the cost of changes in their state pension age.

Campaigners claim increasing the female qualifying age from 60 to 65 and then to 67 by 2028, in line with men, had hit this group, known as WASPI women,hardest. Earlier this month they lost a High Court case but are set to appeal.

At the weekend Shadow chancellor John McDonnell promised a Labour government would pay out £58billion in compensation to three million women who lost out . The cost was not included in the party’s manifesto.

Mrs Hollern, who has raised the issue repeatedly in Parliament, said: “‘I am delighted at the Labour Party’s announcement that the WASPI women will be compensated under a Labour Government.

“Around 3,800 women in Blackburn have been affected by the Tories’ unfair changes to the state pension age. These women have been robbed of money that they had a right to expect. I know many women who have lost out to the tune of thousands of pounds,They have contributed to the pension pot and are owed fair payments.”

Tory candidate Claire Gill said: “Labour did not have this as part of their manifesto, and have only just jumped on this issue. Labour have said that they will meet their pledge to this group of women through even more borrowing.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Beth Waller-Slack said: “The pensions crisis has let down a generation of hard working women and something needs to be done to correct this. Labour's hollow, uncosted promises have no credibility and could lead to yet more disappointment, promising this group things they simply cannot deliver.”

Green candidate Reza Hossain said: “We believe in a Universal Basic Income and that would benefit the WASPI women first.”

Brexit Party candidate Rick Moore said: “I think this is a fantastic idea. These woman have been hard done by. Pensions are a entitlement not a benefit. We must find he money."

Independent Rizwan Shah was not available.