A 'MANIPULATIVE' and 'evil' man who breached a court order just days after being released from prison by bombarding his former partner with 100 phone calls has been jailed.

Preston Crown Court heard 35-year-old Richard Thomas Rooney had spent time on remand for assaulting his ex, who he has a child with, but was released in July this year.

Prosecuting, Stephen Parker, said on July 7 Rooney turned up in his ex-partner’s street in Water, which he was banned from doing by a non-molestation order issued by the family court on May 22.

When he was confronted by her angry father Rooney, of Newton Street, Darwen, said: “Yo. Hey mate.”

To which he responded: “Don’t mate me. I’m going to get the police on you.”

Mr Parker said between July 8 and July 9, Rooney bombarded his victim with 100 calls, even though he was banned from contacting her. She answered several calls and, even though Rooney was dialling from an unknown number, she recognised his voice, Mr Parker said.

At 9.50am on July 9, she asked one of her friends to video record her answering a call and the resulting exchange with the defendant.

During the recording played in court, in which the victim can be heard crying, she says to Rooney: “This is how you manipulate me. This is what you do. You think you have control of me. You’re controlling me. You do this all the time. I hate you for it. Why do you do this?”

When Rooney threatens to report her to social services, she responds by saying: “I don’t want to be with you. You can’t take it. Ringing social services isn’t going to do anything. You think I’m an idiot.”

She added: “You are manipulative and evil. I have got it all on record. I am taking it to the police now.”

When Rooney was arrested, he said he was aware of the non-molestation order but claimed he hadn’t breached it. However he later pleaded guilty to twice breaching the order.

Mr Parker said Rooney had 11 convictions for 19 offences, including revenge porn, harassment and breaching non-molestation and restraining orders.

Defending, James Heyworth, said there was no violence or face-to-face meeting with his ex during the commission of the offences but his client realised if he kept breaching the order his sentences will only get longer.

Mr Heyworth said: “There is no doubt at some point he needs to attend the building better relationships programme.”

Judge Andrew Woolman jailed Rooney for two years.