A SLAUGHTERHOUSE boss caught up in the 2015 horse meat scandal has appeared in court again for food safety offences.

Peter Boddy, who runs the Cross Stone Abattoir in Todmorden, was being prosecuted once more by the Food Standards Agency.

Boddy, now 70, of East Hey Head Farm, Cross Stone Road, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with a detention notice, covering a black-brown horse, detained for further examination, which should not be removed from the premises.

He also admitted to a further offence of failing to comply with food safety regulations, covering the acceptance of a foal without food chain information, at the abattoir, in April 2018.

Another charge, alleging Boddy failed to check an animal passport for a foal, presented for slaughter and intended for human consumption. was dropped.

Magistrates at Burnley fined the slaughterhouse boss £640 and ordered him to pay £6,000 in court costs.

Back in 2015 Boddy was fined £60,000 after pleading guilty to two offences covering the traceability of meat in the food chain.

But a judge stressed he was not being punished for the wider scandal which saw horse-meat being found in samples of beef lasagne and supermarket products.