A DEFIBRILLATOR installed in memory of a teenager who collapsed and died while out running has been vandalised.

Last year the defibrillator was placed in a car park in Back Lane, Sabden, near to where Oliver McIvor, 17, died from heart failure.

Police have now been informed that thieves have tried to remove several bolts from the main post and have stolen the power battery. The ambulance service has also been made aware of the situation.

The actions of those responsible have been described as 'beyond criminal' and 'low'.

Catherine Doyle posted on social media: “We regret to inform you that the outpost defibrillator on Back Lane car park has been vandalised.

“They have tried to remove several bolts from the main post and have stolen the power battery as well. North West Ambulance Service and the police both have been informed of the situation.

“Thank you to the parish council for letting us know. The good news is that the defibrillator and its housing have not been damaged and is still operational. If anyone has seen or heard anything please report it to the police.”

Dave Fishwick, the entrepreneur behind Burnley-based Bank of Dave, has offered to pay for any repairs.

He Tweeted: “How can thieves sink so low as to try and steal Sabden community defibrillator, which is for everyone to use in an emergency!”

Cllr Antony Haworth, chairman of Sabden Parish Council said: “It is absolutely appalling, It is stupidity beyond reason. It was put there following the tragic death of young Oliver McIvor to try to help people and prevent any further deaths. To vandalise it is beyond criminal.”

PC Nigel Keates said: “Vandalising a defibrillator can have life-changing or life-ending consequences. There is nothing of any financial value in them. This kind of thing can only be done for sheer devilment.

“I have been up and checked and currently it seems to be secure. If people see anyone tampering with defibrillators I would urge them to contact the police straight away."

Ribble Valley Community First Responders teamed up with family and friends of Oliver McIvor to raise £6,000 to install the solar and wind powered public access defibrillator.