A firework has landed in the crowd watching a display at a popular Wigan landmark in a 'freak accident'.

Visitors to Haigh Woodland Park's Christmas light's switch-on were left terrified after a firework failed to go off correctly, landing in the courtyard instead.

The incident happened at approximately 5.15pm, during a firework display which started as soon as the Christmas lights were turned on.

Anthony Conway, 33, from Horwich was at the display with his partner Craig, 30, and 2-year-old son.

He said: "It was chaos and we were packed in like sardines in a tin.

"You could see the embers coming off the firework as they were setting off.

"We were about six feet away, could feel the hear and it was just filled with smoke and people pushing through trying to move away."

People took to social media to express their concerns about the safety of the display, with a variety of injuries being reported.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Lisa Solman was injured by the stray firework, being left with grazes and red marks up her inner thighs.

She said: "My husband noticed that a lot of the smoking debris kept falling down in the the courtyard but didn’t really think anything of it as it was a big display and that sometimes happens.

"Next then one of the big rockets had shot over the cafe building and and then exploded as it hit the ground.

"It was awful. Obviously it was a firework but in the moment you just think the worst and think it’s something bigger. I threw my daughter to my husband and went forward to see if everyone else was ok, but then my husband just dragged me back and made us get out.

"My eldest was screaming, crying saying it was the worst Christmas ever and she doesn’t want it to be Christmas anymore."

Laura Grant was also injured in the event as she held her 10-month-old baby.

She said: "We were watching the fireworks then like in slow motion saw this firework come down over into the courtyard.

"It hit the ground and exploded like a bomb going off and this red spark, that looked like an ember but must have been a part of the firework shell, managed to hit the inside of my leg.

"The baby started crying with the noise and we were just surrounded by people screaming and trying to get each other out the way."

The park apologised to visitors in a Facebook post to their public page.

It said: "During Sunday nights firework display, a single firework failed to go off in the air and landed in the Courtyard area.

"Several people have been treated for minor, superficial injuries by first aiders on site.

The display was executed by an external, highly experienced company who work with Haigh Woodland Park event staff to plan the event.

We would like to apologise to our guests and ensure everyone this is a freak accident and we take the safety of or patrons very seriously."