An eight-year-old girl has left people heartbroken after asking Santa for a "warm jacket" this Christmas.

The wish list was left at the Glasgow Forge Shopping Centre in the city's east end, which is once again hosting a 'Giving Tree'.

The centre has been running the scheme for a number of years, which encourages shoppers to dig deep to provide festive cheer to those who may be less fortunate in the area.

Children are asked to write down a Christmas list, which is then posted on the tree and an anonymous person can provide the gift. 

But it's one little girl's wish in particular that is pulling heartstrings ahead of the festive period. 

Lancashire Telegraph: The 'Giving Tree' in the Forge Shopping CentreThe 'Giving Tree' in the Forge Shopping Centre

Her note reads: "Girl aged 8. Cinema Gift card. Warm jacket. Selection box". 

A picture of the wish was shared on Facebook by Louise Lucy, whose post has since been shared more than 1400 times.

She wrote: "Guys there is a big tree in the forge for less fortunate kids, they write on a little ticket what they would like for Christmas and hang it on the tree :(" 

"The idea is a member of the public take a wee ticket and buy what’s on it, we’ve had a wee whip round in the office and took 6.

"If your passing have a wee look and maybe pick something up for a wee kid, one wee girl asked for a warm jacket".

The post sparked comments from devastated social media users.

One, Irene Mcvey, wrote: "Aw how heartbreaking is that, a warm jacket, god bless".

Lancashire Telegraph: The heartbreaking wish from the eight-year-oldThe heartbreaking wish from the eight-year-old

Another, Claire Keegan, added: "Aw I'm gonna go in next week. Asking for a warm jacket, it actual breaks my heart".

And a third, Andrea McInnes, wrote: "It’s unbelievable kids don’t know the difference on Xmas day, breaks my heart, definitely puts everything into perspective".

The Forge are running the Giving Tree scheme in partnership with east end children's charity 'With kids'. 

The posted on Facebook: "The centre aims to spread a little Christmas cheer to those who find the festive period difficult for a variety of reasons.

"The centre and With Kids are urging shoppers to dig a little deeper this Christmas and donate an extra gift to a child who may go without this festive period.

"By supporting this cause, you are allowing a child to feel how many others do on Christmas morning, the excitement of seeing more than one present under the tree."

You can find out more about the With Kids Giving Tree here.

And you can donate to the With Kids Just Giving page here.