A MAN was arrested for shoplifting the day after he appeared in court and was made subject to community supervision for similar offences.

Blackburn magistrates heard after his arrest for the second offence Thomas James Ferguson defecated in his cell at Greenbank police station and smeared it all over the walls.

Ferguson, 30, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to stealing a bottle of brandy from Asda and criminal damage to a police cell. He was jailed for 12 weeks and ordered to pay £122 victim surcharge and £100 compensation to Lancashire Constabulary.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Ferguson was in court for shoplifting in October when he was given a short custodial sentence.

"He was still on prison licence when he committed a further offence which was dealt with on Monday," said Miss Allan.

"He was made subject to a community order but was detained on Tuesday after stealing a bottle of brandy."

Miss Allan said the damage to the cell would require specialist cleaning.

Duncan Nightingale, defending, said Ferguson was released from prison with nowhere to go and no money.

"He was on the street and he was stealing so he could eat and keep warm," said Mr Nightingale.