A DRUNK who stole an electric bike from outside a shop fell off the machine as he was trying to escape a police officer chasing him.

Blackburn magistrates heard Anthony Herdman crashed into a bollard and fell off – suffering cuts and bruises.

CCTV footage shows officers pin down the thief – before one of them knees him as he tries to escape.

The court was told Herdman refused to co-operate with the officer who "used a knee strike and pepper spray to gain compliance".

The 25-year-old, of Valley Close, Nelson, pleaded guilty to theft of a £1,000 bike belonging to Tony Bryan and resisting a police officer.

He was made subject to a community order for six months with 15 days rehabilitation activity requirement, fined £1 and ordered to pay £250 compensation to the bike owner.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said Mr Bryan had gone into a shop of Barker Road, Nelson at about midday, leaving his bike outside.

The shop owner spotted someone riding off on the bike and when they reviewed CCTV it showed the culprit had a black eye.

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Mrs Yates said a description was circulated and shortly after an officer saw Herdman on the bike.

"As the officer ran after him the defendant crashed into a bollard and fell off," said Mrs Yates.

"He then refused to be handcuffed and there was a prolonged struggle, during which he was pepper sprayed, before he was pushed to the floor and eventually handcuffed to the rear."

The owner had to spend £15 on a taxi to Halfords where he was told it would cost around £200 to fix the bike.

Mark Williams, defending, said the offence was committed for no other reason than that his client was drunk.

"He came out of the shop, saw the bike and took it on the spur of the moment," said Mr Williams. "There was no pre-planning."

He said the defendant's dad had died recently and the defendant had not dealt with it very well.

"He has been drinking heavily which may have contributed to him falling off the bike," said Mr Williams.

"He suffered some quite nasty cuts and bruises in the process."