A TAXI driver was left unable to work over the weekend after his windscreen was smashed by stone-throwing vandals.

Police officers in Blackburn responded to reports of anti-social behaviour on Friday evening after being called by a distressed taxi driver.

Cabbies in the area have been fighting back against vandals for several weeks now, staging a blockade on Accrington Road on November 8 in a bid to have their voices heard and to stand up against the dangerous behaviour. But trouble has since continued, with some drivers speaking out saying the behaviour of the youths could end up ‘costing lives’.

Drivers have mainly been targeted in Intack, Mill Hill and Highercroft with police officers reporting over the weekend that the latest victim was subjected to an attack while travelling along Russel Street.

In a statement posted to their Facebook page a spokesman from Blackburn police said: “We have just responded to a report of a taxi being damaged by someone throwing stones at vehicles from the B&Q car park onto Russel Street.

“We were on scene within moments but unfortunately the offenders had left. We are now dealing with one upset driver who can no longer work for the rest of the evening because of a badly damaged windscreen.

“Those responsible clearly have no respect for others going about their lives and what the consequences may have been had this caused an accident with a fare in the car.

“We will continue this operation until these incidents stop and we catch those responsible.”

Officers confirmed that they would continue to patrol the streets on the hunt for the perpetrators.

Last week, the Lancashire Telegraph reported that crisis talks were set to take place between the council, taxi drivers and police to find a resolution to the issue.