A MAN who was banned from having any contact with his wife by a non-molestation order was arrested after police found them in a hotel bedroom in the early hours.

Blackburn magistrates heard the police were tipped off about the couple's secret liaison and were let into the room by the night manager when Jeremiah Connors failed to open the door.

Connors, 26, of Wakefield Road, Wakefield, pleaded guilty to breaching the order. He was remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said police attended at the Travelodge in Burnley after receiving information that Claire Evans may be there with her husband.

"The night manager confirmed the defendant had checked in with a female," said Mrs Yates.

"The manager let them into room seven where they found Connors standing at the end of the bed and his wife under the duvet."

Saquib Akbar, defending, said his client had been contacted by his wife who told him the non-molestation order had been removed.

"They were in the process of getting back together but, having been deceived by her, he doesn't intend contacting her again," said Mr Akbar.

"They are still married but he intends to go and see a solicitor and arrange a divorce."