A 21-year-old woman had to be rescued from a first floor bedroom by firefighters when a fire broke out in the living room of her house.

Fire crews from Blackburn and Hyndburn were called around 9.48am on Friday to reports of a fire in a house on Bunkers Hill Close, Blackburn.

When they arrived, they found the 21-year-old in the upstairs front bedroom, and rescued her from the window.

The fire is believed to have started in the living room, where a non-EU approved lithium battery and charger for a Hoverboard was in use and set alight.

Crew Manager Chris Jowett from Blackburn fire station said it was lucky the fire didn't spread to the upstairs of the property.

He said: "The damage was contained to the one room because the family had closed all the doors in the house, which has saved the young girl.

"We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep doors closed when in bed or out of the house as this could be the difference between a fire destroying one room, or the whole house.

"The living room is partially damaged by the fire and smoke, and the rest of the downstairs has some smoke damage too.

"The upstairs of the property is fine.

"Again, we would make a comment about people buying batteries or chargers that are not EU approved, especially as it is coming up to Christmas."

Neighbour and friend, Julie Beck, said the downstairs of the house will have to be gutted.

She said: "The family have gone to stay with some friends until they can come back in the house. I took a load of their clothes to wash them and try and get the smell out of them.

"The house is black. The electrics have gone too. We're going to go through the whole house next week to see what is salvageable but the carpets in the front room will definitely have to go.

"The TV has completely melted too. I don't think they'll be able to come back to live in the house anytime soon."

Four firefighters wore breathing apparatus and used one hose reel and a ventilation unit to extinguish the fire and clear the property of smoke.

The woman was left in the care of paramedics and was taken to hospital for precautionary check-ups.

Firefighters were in attendance approximately two hours.