IT was a sight which fans had long hoped for - Marcella Detroit and Siobhan Fahey back on tour together for the first time in 26 years.

At the Bridgewater Hall they did their best to make up for lost time with an emotional, memorable and hit-packed set which made you appreciate just how different and innovative Shakespears Sister were and, indeed, still are.

Resplendent in contrasting Nudie-style Western suits - purple adorned with roses for Detroit; white with rhinestones, flames and cowboy themes for Fahey - the pair looked every inch the stars they are even before they sang a note.

Fahey, a cross between Alice Cooper and Jessie from Toy Story, was energy personified. Little minx is a phrase which could have been invented for her as she prowled around the stage revelling in being in front of the fans.

The more reserved Marcella Detroit was the perfect counter-balance playing both electric and acoustic guitar and a mean harmonica when required.

A perfectly judged set took us back to the band's early years from the opening song Goodbye Cruel World through to their new material which sees the pair on sparkling form.

Richard Hawley was brought on to help with the single When She Finds You, a gloriously nostalgic Fifties number.

We had all the hits including I Don't Care, You're History and a final encore of Hello (Turn Your Radio On).

Highlights included The Trouble with Andre and a stunning version of Stay during which Marcella Detroit hit every one of those ridiculously high notes with ease. An emotional song at the best of times, she ended the number with tears in her eyes and the audience's cheers threatened to take the roof off the place.

The band featuring original bassist Clare Kenny and the brooding Marco Pirroni on guitar offered the perfect support to the star duo up front.

"We've buried the hatchet," said Marcella Detroit referring to the pair's well documented past differences, "and not in each other."

Thank goodness they have for it would be a major loss not to have these two talents sparking off each other. Welcome back girls, you've been missed.