Taxi drivers blocked roads in Blackburn on Friday night in protest at youths who have been throwing stones at their vehicles.

The protests began at around 7pm on Accrington Road, with drivers from various firms parking their cars along a long stretch of road and milling together in a crowd.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Police attended the scene and were seen talking to the protestors.

One protestor said that youths have been throwing stones and damaging taxis around the Intack, Mill Hill and Higher Croft areas.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Another protestor said that he wants police "to do something about it" because it has "been going on for months."

He added: "Give taxi drivers protection."

The protestors moved their vehicles after discussions with police officers at the scene. It is understood the protest lasted around 15 minutes.

A protestor said: "Police assured the drivers security and protections. They agreed with the drivers on the issues and they will be deploying more patrols in the trouble areas."

Ex councillor and taxi driver Muntazir Patel said: "Cabbies were being attacked and we called the police but they never responded. We waited an hour.

"Then cabbies blocked the road. I tried to stop them but they were frustrated at the lack of action and their complaints not being taken seriously.

"This has being going for a while. Cabbies' cars are being hit by stones and we just want our complaints taken more seriously."