COUNCIL bosses are set to relax rules banning political canvassing in the heart of Hyndburn.

A proposal is due to go before Hyndburn Council’s cabinet next week proposing to allow political canvassing on Broadway in Accrington and Great Harwood town square.

Political canvassing in both locations has been banned for a number of years but now senior figures at the council say the restriction is no longer needed.

And if proposals to remove the restriction are agreed as expected at the cabinet meeting, it would be reintroduced.

Legal services manager Susan Hedges said: “Broadway and the town square are popular spaces and the council wants to make the best use that it can of these areas to benefit the residents of Hyndburn.

“The Council is keen to encourage activities, events and entertainment on areas such as Broadway and the town square and now intends to widen the approved uses of both these areas.

“Currently charitable and leisure activities are generally permitted in these areas, subject to having been given the appropriate permissions and licences.

"At the time that this decision was taken by the council it was considered to be a proportionate and reasonable approach.

"However as there are have been significant changes in the political climate over recent years it is not considered that the previous prohibition is still required.

"The council has approached the company that manages the letting of space on Broadway.

"The detail as to how requests for political canvassing on Broadway will be processed and managed has not yet been agreed with the company.

"The council’s executive director for environment, Steve Riley, will finalise this process in respect of both Broadway and the town square.

"The council could continue to prohibit political canvassing on Broadway and the town square but this may mean not using these public spaces to their full potential."

Political canvassing on Broadway and the town square will be subject to approval and permission from the council or its contractor.