MEN have been warned to get tested for prostate cancer if they suspect they have the condition.

Doctors said survival rates are better than 98 per cent if the cancer is detected early - but this drops to below 26 per cent if it isn't.

Calls have been made during 'Movember' which raises awareness of men's health.

Dr Neil Smith, GP lead for cancer at Blackburn with Darwen and East Lancashire CCGs, said: "Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. The majority of men who are diagnosed with the condition go on to live for over five years.

“If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of prostate cancer visit your GP for a check-up and to see if you need a prostate examination and blood test.”

Symptoms of prostate cancer include needing to pee more frequently, having to rush to the toilet, and straining or taking a long time while peeing.

Other symptoms include feeling that your bladder has not emptied fully and blood in urine or semen.