A BLUE Peter presenter was given the fright of his life during a Hallowe'en prank set up at one of East Lancashire’s beautiful halls.

The BBC children’s programme’s newest presenter, Richie Driss, believed he was visiting Gawthorpe Hall to learn about turning the clocks back in autumn.

However the presenter was unaware the hall was rigged with a series of hidden cameras to film him being scared by a number of bangs, crashes and other spooky mishaps - all done by twins Max and Harvey Mills, from CBBC’s Fear Of Missing Out programme.

The aim of the prank was to convince Richie the house was haunted.

Pranks included turning lights on and off, turning television monitors on and off ‘on their own’, throwing marbles down a set of stairs and making a clock fall to the floor by itself.

After several attempts to spook him the ultimate fright was made by the twins jumping out on the television presenter.

Richie was so scared he had to be picked off the floor by the pair.

As part of the day, the hall was given a Blue Peter badge.

Rachel Pollitt, museum manager at Gawthorpe Hall, said: "It was fantastic for the staff and everyone at the hall to be involved in this prank.

"We didn't realise how much planning and production staff would be needed, but they were all great.

"We felt sorry for poor Richie but it was a great moment.

"The clock that was broken was a prop and not part of the collection - but we had to be careful nothing from the hall was damaged.

"The hall has also got a Blue Peter badge now, which is a real bonus.

"They are hard to come by."

When asked by the twins if he believed the house was haunted Richie said: "I positively thought I have never come across anything like this before, I want to go home.

"I am so happy because I was not sleeping tonight - but I am now."

Gawthorpe Hall is a grade I-listed Elizabethan country house which sits on the banks of the River Calder.