PERMISSION has been granted for a four-storey extension on the back of a Burnley listed building to be used for flats.

The proposal is to extend and convert The Stackhouses and the adjoining property at 61 Bank Parade that are currently partly used as flats and previously as a workshop to form 10 self-contained flats.

The site falls with the Top o’ th’ Town Conservation Area and is grade-II listed. The existing three flats would be remodelled and, together with the proposed rear extension, would provide 10 one bedroom flats.

Five letters of objection had been received from current occupiers at Stackhouses.

They said there were too many flats and raised concerns about noise and disturbance, reduced communal space and storage as well as insufficient parking. But borough planners gave the green light in spite of these concerns.

Planning officer Janet Filbin said: “The minor alterations to the listed building and the extension to the rear of 61 Bank Parade would not significantly alter the significance or character of the listed building or the character of the Top o’ th’ Town Conservation Area.

“In this case, the buildings are already partially used for residential purposes and this proposal would, as a result of the proposed extension, remodelling and the removal of a former workshop use, increase the number of flats from three to 10.

“This, in principle, would be consistent with existing uses.

“There are also commercial uses at this town centre location but it is unlikely that these would be adversely affected by the proposed development

“The portion of the site at Stackhouses is a Grade II listed building, built in the early 19th century and of particular interest due to their construction in a block of “top-and-bottom” or stack houses.

“There would be no external changes to the rear elevation of the listed building.

“The infilling of the gap at the rear of 61 Bank Parade would be of an appropriate scale, massing and design to reflect the existing buildings. It would also be likely to have a positive impact in removing the currently untidy and unsympathetic appearance at the rear of this building. This may enhance the setting of the listed building and the limited views of the conservation area from across River Brun.

“There would be some benefits from providing new homes at an accessible location in the town centre and some improvements to the appearance of the rear of no. 61 Bank Parade. The proposal complies with the development plan and there are no material reasons to outweigh this finding.”