Lancashire Adult Learning (LAL) has successfully launched its participation in social prescribing after a health and wellbeing showcase in Accrington.

The Healthier Hyndburn event at Accrington Town Hall attracted more than 100 people who came along to try out a range of health and wellbeing activities and initiatives.

Social prescribing is about connecting people to non-medical support in the community – an example being where education is prescribed as an alternative to medication, empowering people with the right tools to become self-managing and resilient.

Megan Smith, 29 from Accrington, attended with two of her children. She said: “I have found the Healthier Hyndburn event very helpful.

"I have an older daughter at school who has learning difficulties, and I have picked up some useful techniques that I can take home with me to be able to support her in her learning."

‘Have a go’ learning experiences on the day included chair based drumming, Mandala stone art, the five ways to wellbeing, and first aid, as well as family learning, volunteering and ICT and digital activities.

There was also the chance to discover the range of Health and Wellbeing courses that can be offered in the Hyndburn area.

Head of curriculum and strategic partnerships at Lancashire Adult Learning, Nicola Hall, said: "Our Healthier Hyndburn event was a very positive start to our involvement with social prescribing as well over 100 people were able to participate in vibrant learning activities designed to help them manage their own wellness.

"Those who attended will also now be able to access a range of community learning courses in the Hyndburn area to start their learning journey in order to better look after their health and wellbeing."

Any businesses and organisations in Lancashire who would be interested in working with the health and wellbeing team can contact Sarah Haworth at