TWO issues remain unresolved regarding the reopening of the Skipton to Colne rail links, the chairman of the group campaigning for its restoration has said.

Peter Bryson from SELRAP has updated its members after a meeting at Parliament with Department for Tarnsport officials hosted by Hyndburn MP Graham Jones.

He said: "Overall it is fair to say the two unresolved issues are as follows: whether, or not, freight trains will use this line and what is happening in Earby.

"Lord Tony Greaves thinks there is more potential to use it for freight 'across the North' than some other organisations think. Living in Colne, he is fully supportive of getting the railway built and open to passengers as soon as possible

"To resolve potential problems Earby it now needs the full engineering study to be authorised by the minister. This must be done so that possible engineering solutions are developed for minimising the effects on local residents. Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson wants the new line built incorporating suitable safeguards for Earby residents."