OFFICERS across Blackburn and Darwen have responded to over 700 reports of burglaries since the start of the year – with 20 taking place on a quiet residential street.

Residents living on Hampden Avenue in Darwen are officially those most likely to be burgled in the borough, with 20 reports of break-ins taking place between January and August of this year - the period up until the latest data is available.

Police crime figures analysed by the Lancashire Telegraph show that Meadow Street in Darwen, where seven reports were recorded, Swift Close in Blackburn where six reported burglaries took place and the highly industrial area of George Street West, where 11 offences were recorded, are also among the most highly-targeted areas in the borough.

Other non-residential locations where burglaries took place included shopping areas and supermarkets where 14 burglaries were reported and sports, recreational areas and parks where 11 callouts were made.

Darwen councillor and former mayor Roy Davies said the behaviour of those targeting homes and private property was ‘disgusting’. He said: “Hampden avenue is a nice part of town - a more affluent area. I can’t imagine anything worse than coming home to find your property has been broken into, the victims have my sympathy. We have seen issues with certain areas being repeatedly targeted - like Ely Close, and MP Jake Berry and I have worked together alongside Together Housing to ensure this behaviour stops.

“A grant was given to Together Housing so they could install door jammers to make it more difficult for these criminals.”

Despite the seemingly high numbers, comparison of data from the same period in 2018 shows the number of reports of burglaries across Blackburn and Darwen is down overall - from 964 last year compared to 717 this year.

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Cllr Davies went on to say: "This number is still too high and more needs to be done between the council and the police to combat the issue."

Earlier this month, police officers vowed to increase patrols in the Feniscowles and Cherry Tree areas of Blackburn after residents raised concerns about vandalism to cars and increased burglaries.

At the time, a spokesman said: “We are fully aware of the recent spike in crime and are responding to it. We have requested that our 24/7 immediate response colleagues increase presence in the area overnight where the majority of offences have taken place.”

Offering advice on how to ensure your property is safe, a police spokesman said just few simple steps like hiding keys, installing an alarm and ensuring all doors and windows are locked could make all the difference.

For more information on how to keep your house safe, visit

* Aberdare Close 5

* Foundry Street 4

* George Street West 11

* Hampden Avenue 20

* Livesey Branch Road 4

* Lower Hollin Bank Street 4

* Meadow Street 7

* Old Bank Lane 13

* Park Lee Road 4

* Spring Lane 5

* Swift Close 6

* Thirlmere Drive 5

* Trevor Close 4

* Woodbine Road 4