I AM not looking for sympathy, I am searching for common sense.

Very early Sunday morning I suffered a massive pain in my stomach.

My wife phoned 111, then because there was very little help from this line, she phoned 999.

An ambulance arrived, the medics tended to me in home, then said I had to go to hospital. This is when the fun started.

Due to the total ignorance of the locals – Ellison Fold Terrace and Wordsworth Gardens drivers – it took the ambulance 10 (yes 10 minutes) to get out of Burns Walk.

The vehicles, mainly large working vans, were parked in such a way it was virtually impossible to manoeuvre, and get out.

I don't say this lightly, if it had been one of these ignorant drivers family members children or family, I can almost guarantee they would have been bouncing round the road demanding fair play.

Let's be decent people, let's consider all neighbours, and let's park considerately.

One day you might just find your vehicles less than pristine because your granny or baby needs hospitalised, your house is on fire, you have a violent burglar threatening.

Just think on before you deliberately abandon your vehicles in an ignorant and selfish way.

Yes, I did live but need an operation next month, so think on, it could of been a terminal heart attack. The ambulance crew were brilliant, they just took it all in their stride.

The moronic "parkers" should apologise to them.

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