POLICE officers talk to more than 400 high school pupils about the dangers of knife use and the consequences.

As part of the forces Operation Sceptre, officers visited St Christopher's CE High Schjool and Accrington Academy this week to deliver an education presentation on the issue.

PCSO Kirsten Taylor and PCSO Iain McCarroll spoke students about the dangers of knife use and the impact of knife crime.

Students also learned about the signs associated with child criminal exploitation and the impact organised crime gangs have on communities.

This was augmented by the inclusion of a 'life story' session by a rehabilitated ex-offender who took the students on a journey through the introduction to a life of crime; the incarceration experience; and the drift into serious mental illness due to drug use.

Jackie Eccles, year 9 head at Accrington Academy, said: “The content was great and all students derived a lot from the day.

"You definitely started some great conversations and staff reported that the students were very interested and that the work produced after the sessions was thought provoking."

Sgt Ian Corbett said: "This is a fantastic engagement opportunity to deliver a very important message.

"We hope to run a number of similar inputs across Hyndburn over the next few months. Iain and Kirtsen have done some fantastic work which was well appreciated by students and staff."