TRADING standards experts are urging people to beware of two email and text scams.

Residents are being warned over fake emails, which look as if they are being sent by EE asking for payment details.

The message states there is an issue with the direct debit instructions of EE accounts and asks them to verify the details.

Advice is to always be suspicious of emails like this, not verify any details and check independently with their service provider.

Residents are also being warned if they receive a text from Tesco saying they have won an iPhone.

This is another scam as a supermarket would never randomly contact them for information in exchange for a prize.

The advice is not to click on any links and never give personal details.

Things you should look out for to avoid a scam

  • Often scam emails will contain grammatical errors
  • Residents should check the address the email is sent from (often the address has nothing to do with the company it is purporting to be from)