WHILST I am all in favour of Blackburn changing for the better I think sometimes we go a little too far.

And maybe we need to think about things a little more before we dive head first into a new project.

Take for instance the news that a new six-storey building in Cathedral Square is scheduled to see construction start in the late spring.

I mean, am I the only one who thinks this could well be a pretty bad idea? Look, I am all for new buildings going up in the town and old ones being torn down and for regeneration, but do people who plan these things actually take a look and walk around the area?

I like how the town has transformed from what it was 20 years ago when we had a poor shopping centre, a dilapidated hospital, a solitary subway smelling of urine and a bus station that was just a few sheds put together. Credit must go to those with a vision to make these changes.

Although I liked the first Cathedral Square building that went up, the second one is clearly going to overshadow the most prized building we have in the town centre – the Cathedral.

Presently, we have some green space and anyone leaving the train station along Railway Road can view the Cathedral uninterrupted. It has also become a really good place to host events and festivals.

Sometimes when you have created something that is just right, leave it be.

In many ways, compared to surrounding towns, Blackburn is changing fast with new restaurants and major new businesses helping to put us on the map.

We could do with this type of office space going up where Thwaites was located with plenty of parking and access to the dual carriageway.

Would this spot not be better suited for a gleaming office block?

The problem we have is that we are bound by contracts and agreements. That is what this all boils down to. Once the money men have decided to build something somewhere, they do not look at how this will impact the area.

Blackburn is not like surrounding towns and the jewel in the crown is the Cathedral. It has been there for nearly 200 years and will be here in another two centuries. Let’s have a re-think I say before it is too late.