EAST Lancashire’s Labour MPs were today set to ignore pleas from their Tory counterparts to vote for Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal.

As the Prime Minister last night sought to win over opposition MPs to back his plans in a special House of Commons debate starting this morning Nigel Evans, Jake Berry and Andrew Stephenson piled the pressure on Kate Hollern, Julie Cooper and Graham Jones to switch sides on the issue.

They said that backing the latest deal was the only way to honour their constituents voting for leaving the European Union in the 2016 referendum.

Ribble Valley MP Mr Evans said: “I am voting for the deal because it delivers what the people of Ribble Valley, Lancashire and the UK voted for in 2016.

“Labour MPs can no longer hide behind saying they will not vote for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit because a deal is on the table which has been agreed by the EU. It delivers on leaving the customs union and single market, controlling immigration and not being subject to the European Court of Justice.

“It delivers Brexit. Lancashire MPs should now get behind the deal which delivers what their constituents voted for.”

Rossendale and Darwen MP and Northern Powerhouse minister Mr Berry said: “Boris has been PM for just 85 days, but he’s pulled it off.

“The Brexit deal was re-opened – many said that was impossible. The UK is no longer bound by EU laws and taxes – many said that was impossible. The Northern Ireland backstop has been removed – many said that was impossible.

“Now come on Parliament. Let’s get Brexit done so we can move on to people’s priorities like the NHS, police, schools and the economy.”

But Blackburn MP Mrs Hollern rejected their pleas saying: “Based upon what I have been informed as to the details of the Prime Minister’s deal I currently plan to oppose it.

“All the signs are that the contents would be even more damaging to the UK than Theresa May’s deal which Parliament rejected overwhelmingly on three occasions.

“ I am very concerned that Chancellor Sajid Javid, has refused to provide a financial impact assessment. I am not convinced that the deal will produce an outcome that is in the best interests of the people of Blackburn.

“ I will however continue to assess the detail.”

Burnley MP Mrs Cooper said: “I will be voting against this deal. I have been through it line by line and agonised over it.

“I had hoped the government would come forward with a deal that I could vote for but it has not.

“It is not a good deal for the people of Burnley and Padiham. Workers protections such as the guaranteed right for four-week paid leave have been dropped.

“On tariffs, our imported goods including basic foodstuffs will become more expensive and our manufacturing exports will be less competitive costing jobs.”

Pendle MP and Foreign Office minister Mr Stephenson said: “It is great news that the Prime Minister has got a Brexit deal done.

“It’s now for Parliament to show some common sense and vote for the deal so we can move on.

“The referendum result must be honoured and nothing can be achieved by further delay.”

Mr Jones was unavailable for comment yesterday.