A BRIDE donned her wedding dress for a second time to capture a spooky Hallowe’en themed photoshoot at an abandoned manor house.

Kathryn Robinson wore her beautiful £900 dress – risking getting it dirty – to capture these amazing photographs, taken by her husband, Cory Robinson.

The couple, who are both self-confessed horror fanatics, enjoy taking photographs in their spare time and have been together for six years and have been married for two-and-a-half years.

The warehouse administrator, 27, from Clayton-le-Moors had originally wanted to do a photoshoot with coloured chalk flares, but his wife wanted to create horror-themed photos.

He said: “Kathryn was reluctant at first to ruin her precious wedding dress and had previously handmade a wedding dress for a Hallowe’en costume being a zombie bride.

“We had a short conversation about which dress she should wear as we knew it would not come home white being full of leaves, coloured smoke, mud and face paint.

“Kathryn quickly then decided we should go for it and make the photo shoot more realistic wearing her real wedding dress rather than a corny costume.”

Mr Robinson used a Canon 700D to take the pictures and had taken a photography course at Blackburn College 10 years ago.

While travelling to the former manor house in Tockholes, Mrs Robinson, 28, tried her best to conceal her make up in a bid to not terrify anyone.

Mr Robinson said: “We ended up seeing two people taking a sunset stroll on the way down to our chosen location.

“Kathryn ended up putting her hood up on her coat and hiding her face from them despite them greeting her with good evening wishes.

“We decided this time of the year, with the leaves changing colour, sunsets being earlier and eerie and it coming up to Halloween, would be the perfect opportunity to take these pictures.

“Kathryn being obsessed with fancy dress wanted to be involved in being the model for our shoot and also would take any chance she can to wear her wedding dress again.”

Mr Robinson added: “We enjoy spending time together and doing something together rather than sitting in front of the TV in our pyjamas.

“Photography is a great hobby to have as it gets you out and about, visiting all sorts of weird and wonderful places, meeting new people and getting a lot of fresh air.

“When we have finished for the day and return home, we compare our photos and see how we individually capture the same subjects and have a giggle at the shots which did not turn out as expected.”