A TEENAGER repeatedly harassed his grandma, demanding money to fund his drug habit.

Blackburn magistrates heard Brandon Lee Marren telephone his grandma constantly and turned up at her house, on one occasion walking in uninvited.

Marren 18, of Commercial Street, Bacup, was convicted after trial of harassing Veronica Whittaker in May and August. He was made subject to a community order for 12 months with 150 hours unpaid work and 25 days rehabilitation activity requirement.

He was ordered to pay £200 costs and £85 victim surcharge and made subject to a restraining order for 12 months.

Philippa White, prosecuting, said during the first period of harassment in May Marren made over 75 calls to his grandma asking for money.

He turned up at her house asking for money, three times in one day, and on one occasion climbed onto a roof and started banging on an upstairs window.

"She changed her mobile phone number so he couldn't pester her and he started trying to contact her through social media and asking other grandchildren for her number," said Mrs White.

"She was fed up of him asking for money which she believed was for drugs."

Mrs White said in August Marren turned up at his grandma's Burnley home and let himself in.

He became abusive and threatened to get her windows smashed.

"He accused her of living the life of luxury and not appreciating his situation," said Mrs White.

Ian Huggan, defending, said his client had got involved with drugs and he was being threatened over a debt. He said his client used cannabis to help keep him calm.

"He moved to Bacup to try and get away from the problems he has had in the past," said Mr Huggan. "That appears to be working."