TOWNELEY Hall could be one of the most haunted buildings in the country, according to a popular TV programme.

Most Haunted Live spent an evening at Towneley Hall on Monday as part of the run up to Hallowe'en.

And the producers said it was one of the scariest ever shows.

A spokesman for the show said: "Jeff, one of the cameramen, was pulled off his feet and dragged through a doorway of the hall. It was like an invisible force. No one could find an explanation for it.

"The crew were also terrorised by a woman who called herself M."

The team, which includes presenter Yvette Fielding and psychic David Wells, spent three hours walking round the hall investigating if there were any sinister goings on.

The show was the third day of live shows in the run up to the final one tonight to mark Hallowe'en.

The show's producers chose Towneley because of the hall's history and links with Pendle Hill, where an episode of the show was filmed in 2005.

Among the spirits that are said to haunt the hall include a white lady who legend has it killed herself after she was jilted at the alter, and a spirit who visits once every seven years on the anniversary of the death of someone connected to the hall.

A previous owner of the hall, Sir John Towneley (1473 -1541) is also said to wander about the hall crying out 'Be warned! Lay out! Be warned! Lay out!'.

The crew stayed mainly in the Long Gallery where they held a séance and claimed to have got in "contact" with the ghostly Lady Sybil.

They also heard knocking, a woman singing and were threatened with death "from the beyond".

A spokesperson for the show said: "There were quite a few spooky goings on over the three hours. It was one of the scariest shows we have had."

Ken Darwen, manager of Towneley Hall said: "They filmed in the cellars, the attic and the halls, we watched them on a live webcam from inside the hall but we weren't on screen.

"We saw a few things that looked strange including moving images on the camera that no one could account for."

Most Haunted Live's final night of its five-night series is on LIVING tonight from 9pm.