THE “perfect” parents of a four-month-old boy who died could not have done anything to prevent his death, an inquest heard.

Fraser Grey Rowlands was discovered unresponsive at his home in Withins Lane, Breightmet on May 2.

The night before, Fraser had been put down to sleep in his Moses basket, along with a blanket and dummy at around 9pm.

Fraser preferred to sleep on his front as he got stomach ache quite often, Bolton Coroner’s Court heard.

Samuel Rowlands, Fraser’s father, checked on him when he woke up for work at 6am and described him as being “fine”.

An hour later, Fraser’s mother Darcy Rowlands gave him his dummy and went to make up a bottle because he was crying.

At 8am, Samuel and Darcy’s other son Louis gave Fraser his bottle.

Around two hours later, Samuel rang Darcy from work and upon checking Fraser while on the phone, Darcy noticed that he was unresponsive.

She rang an ambulance but Fraser was pronounced dead at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, at 11.20am.

Pathologist Dr Melanie Newbould carried out a post mortem but could not ascertain a cause of death.

She said: “There is no disease process that could have accounted for death.”

The court heard that Fraser was born four weeks prematurely and was taken ill with low temperature and jaundice after his birth. He spent ten days in a special unit before being taken home by his parents.

She also described Fraser’s home circumstances as “excellent” and agreed to rule out any trauma, neglect, substances, and anything unnatural causing his death.

Addressing Samuel Rowlands, acting senior coroner for Manchester West Alan Walsh said: “I believe there is nothing that you or your wife could have done.

“In the first 12 months of their life, some babies do die for unidentifiable reasons. Some of those babies come from perfect home and for some unknown reason those babies don’t get a chance to thrive. I put Fraser in that category and it seems very unfair.

“My conclusion is that Fraser died as a consequence of unascertained naturally occurring disease.

“I’m very sad that Fraser had such a short life and I’m very sorry to you as perfect parents that you have to experience something so unimaginable. It’s an enormous tragedy.”