A DRUNK who was on a binge abused staff in the Rishton Co-op as he helped himself to booze.

Blackburn magistrates heard when police arrived Ryan James Leech was abusive towards them and was arrested.

Leech, 29, of Livesey Branch Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly. He was fined £80 for the offence £40 for being in breach of a conditional discharge imposed for an offence of being drunk and disorderly and ordered to pay £40 costs and £32 victim surcharge.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said his client accepted he was an alcoholic and while he was doing his best there were times when he couldn't abstain.

"When he goes back to it he tends to binge drink," said Mr Taylor.

"Sometimes the drinking goes on for days on end, until he wakes up in a police cell.

"It has become a life and death situation for him because he knows as he gets older it will badly affect his health."