A BUSINESS owner is thinking of opening a new shop to breathe life back into his town.

After the closing of stores like M&S, Time Clothing, and Poundworld in Accrington, travel agency owner Jon Haworth wants to open a store that people want to shop at.

Many people replied they wanted to see more clothes shops among other things.

Lynn Carol Monk said: “I'd like to see a good electrical repair shop.

“In today's throwaway society, we need to get back into the habit of using quality goods that can be repaired, rather than rubbish that is cheaper to replace with new.

“As the owner of a recording studio, I have piles of professional electronic goods that would be worth repairing if there was someone local skilled to do that.

“As it is, the only service centres that still exist are either in London, or abroad.”

Lesley Wharton said that older shops that have now closed should make a comeback along with support for the independent stores.

She said: “I miss M&S & of course Woolworths and the market like we used to have.

"I still used to go on the market hall & M&S.

“I don't like internet shopping and how people have the patience to continually return things.

"I like to pick things up and have a look and I must make a concerted effort to support the local shops soon.”

Mr Haworth himself is pondering how he can help as a business owner.

He said: “It strikes me that decisions are quite often made for our town without any real consultation of the people that would then be affected by that decision.

“Some people see a derelict town beyond saving.

"I see the opposite because there is massive potential to make Accrington a thriving town again.

“I remember the likes of JD Sports and Dixons in the Arndale, Woolworths and M&S on Broadway.

“As they left, one by one the town was losing reasons to go into tow and therefore footfall fell for other retailers.

“This then hits independent traders as well and before you know if you have a mass of empty shops.”