A WOULD-be taxi driver from East Lancashire has been fined £420 for driving a Hackney Carriage without the proper licences and related offences.

Nigel Paul Flynn, of Pennine Road, Bacup, had admitted driving a carriage without a licence. an offence under the Town Police Clauses Act.

He was also found guilty after trial by Burnley magistrates of failing to give an office assistance or information and failing to comply with a requirement properly made to him by an appropriate officer.

Flynn was a previously a licensed taxi driver but his permit was revoked by Rossendale Council at the start of December 2018.

An appeal against this decision was thrown out by magistrates the following April.

But Flynn continued to drive and was seen by a witness in South Street, Bacup,pn May 1, acting as a taxi driver in a Volkswagen Touran.