FLY-TIPPERS have dumped rubble, a sofa, lino and other building materials at two sites in Oswaldtwistle – and residents say the issue of illegal tipping is reaching 'epidemic proportions'.

Heys allotments near Tinker Brook Close has been targeted – and more recently Nook Lane.

Cllr Judith Addison, who represents the Immanuel ward, believes the Heys allotment site was 'one of the worst examples of fly-tipping' she has seen in the borough.

She said: “It is disgraceful. Some residents have been in touch with me about the incident took place overnight on Friday and Saturday.

“This means that the council are going to have to clear it up and that is council taxpayers' money that could be used elsewhere – it is basically just vandalism.”

The mum-of-one Cheryl Duffy, who took pictures of the rubbish, said: “It is despicable behaviour and these people have no respect of wildlife and the safety of others.

“All people need to do if they are getting a white van man to clear it, is ask for their waste licence and get a copy so you know that they are taking it to the tip and not disposing of it elsewhere.

“It can be traced back to the owner of the waste and they could get fined.

“It is not a lot to ask the question about how it is being disposed off before they take the rubbish away.

"It's becoming an epidemic.

“It is happening all over the place and it is ridiculous when you are walking with your dogs and then all you see is this rubbish.

“I think it is just lazy and leaves us with an eyesore. It can attract rats and also being dangerous for other animals.

“It gets worse around holiday time.

Cllr Paul Cox, who deals with the environment portfolio, said it was not an epidemic but 'a couple of inconsiderate people who tend to do it’.

He added: “I am disappointed as there is no need to fly-tip in the area as we have bulk good collections in Hyndburn.

“We would urge residents to make check the people disposing of the items have a waste carriers licence to stop it happening.”