ONE thing that has always been a constant - paying rates.

But looking back through the archives we have found times when the Lancashire Telegraph were reporting about 'unavoidable' rises going from 63p to 84p in 1979.

In the front page story, there was going to be an 'increase of 21p in the pound,' and there would be a net increase for the county council of 12.2p.

"This is because, for the first time 8.8p in the pound is going straight to the various councils in Lancashire from central Government instead of going through the county council.

County Councillor Michael Bates said: "This is clearly a substantial increase, but it is absolutely unavoidable accepting the need to maintain and slightly improve the services provided by the county council. Nothing more clearly illustrates the futility of excessive wage rises, prices and taxes and a probable higher level of unemployment - which does nobody any good in the long run."

The rate announcement had been delayed because of uncertainty regarding pay claims by public service unions.

County Councillor Bates added: "Regrettably the position of wage settlements remains uncertain, although the Government have indicated that they would not be prepared to give grant aid to any settlements in excess of nine per cent."