A MAN who attacked his uncle as he lay in a hospital bed has been jailed.

Blackburn magistrates heard the victim was on the acute medical ward at Royal Blackburn Hospital and was in the process of having a drip removed when Aqib Nawaz entered his room.

He was punched repeatedly about the head and back and then in the stomach and the attack only ended when staff pushed Nawaz out of the room.

Nawaz, 24, of St Mark’s Road, Blackburn, admitted assaulting Mohammed Ijaz and breaching a restraining order. He was jailed for 12 weeks and ordered to pay £100 compensation.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said there had been previous problems within the family and as a result of a conviction in July for criminal damage Nawaz made subject to the restraining order.

Mr Ijaz said there had been problems between him and the defendant’s mother.

He said they were a long time ago but the defendant would not let it drop.

On the day of the incident Nawaz walked in as a nurse was removing a drip.

He said he wanted to ask questions about the incident with his mum and refused to leave when requested by the nurse.

“He then punched the aggrieved as he lay on the bed before punching him in the stomach,” said Miss Allan.

“The nurse tried to get him off but said she wasn’t strong enough and needed help from colleagues.

“This was an assault on a vulnerable victim who was actually in a hospital bed and on a drip,” added Miss Allan.

Marnat Ali, defending, said his client had been in a highly emotional state because of the family tensions.