HORSE lovers across Lancashire are being urged to rehome equines from animal shelters after it was revealed the RSPCA rescued around 90 horses a month last year.

In Lancashire alone the charity rescued 57 horses from neglect and suffering in 2018, and currently has hundreds of horses looking for loving homes across the country.

The drive is being rolled out across the country as part of the charity's new rehoming initiative, Adoptober.

Dr Mark Kennedy, equine welfare specialist at the RSPCA said: “We have been dealing with the effects of the horse crisis for almost seven years now, seeing sick, dying or dead horses up and down the country being neglected or dumped like rubbish.

“It’s heartbreaking that we had to rescue more than 1,000 horses nationally last year.

"We and other charities are struggling to cope with the large numbers continually coming into our care. We need help from fellow horse lovers. Please consider adopting your next horse from a charity instead of buying. Not only does it mean you won’t be inadvertently funding irresponsible breeders and dealers but you’ll be freeing up a space in our specialist centres for another needy horse, helping us as we work to rehome the hundreds currently living in private boarding stables.”