BURNLEY'S new digital hub is to host a seminar on how art can help community cohesion and economic regeneration.

It will take place on Thursday October 17 at The Landmark in School Lane.

Lead speaker at the 'art and Soul' seminar will be President of the Association Con Arte International Gemma Carbo Ribugent who will talk about an artist-led social cohesion project delivered in schools across Northern Spain.

Also attending will be artist Jai Redman and producer Ian Brownbill who will explore how artists can play a role in generating economic and social capital.

The seminar will ask: "Can the creation of new cultural experiences redefine the town?

"What role do artists see themselves playing in the development of Burnley?

"Or is art and culture an expense beyond our means?"

The event, paid for by the Europan Parliament and arranged by North-West Green MEP Gina Dowding, is described as 'a vital discussion around Burnley's potential for cultural-led transformation'.