BRAVE workers dashed into a blazing Blackburn house in an attempt to beat out flames.

But their efforts failed to prevent the fire from destroying the Moss Street home of Gullam Mustuga Gulma.

This picture from our archives shows the devastation left in Mr Gulma's home when the fire broke out in 1969.

Luckily no-one was hurt as the father-of-nine managed to lead his family to safety before the flames spread from the electricity installations.

Five workmen on their way to the nearby British Northrop factory helped Mr Gulma to beat out the flames while others phoned the fire service.

The downstairs of Mr Gulma's house - mostly the front room - was wrecked.

The previous day, Mr Gulma had telephoned the electricity company as his meter was making a crackling sound.

Engineers came out and said it was ok, replaced a fuse and left it switched on.