RESIDENTS will be able to see and learn about the rich wildlife to be found in above Darwen, from rabbits in Sunnyhurst Woods to Ospreys soaring above the town next week.

Local photographer Mavis Smith give an illustrated talk on the issue at Darwen Heritage Centre in Railway Road at 7pm on Tuesday October 8.

It will be accompanied by her photos of the wildlife that can be seen in and around the town.

These include everything from rabbits hiding in Sunnyhurst Woods to migrating Ospreys flying high.

Tony Foster, Chairman of the Heritage Centre said: "Mavis has a long interest in birds having got her first bird book when she was only nine years old. This situated her interest in bird watching around her hometown.

"Over the years, she developed a passion for bird migration and travelled all over the world to various migration hotspots.

"Apart for photographing birds and she enjoys capturing on film other wildlife.

"During the 1980s, she wrote a weekly column weekly about birds in the Lancashire Telegraph.

"She has given talks before but not for some time so is a little nervous about this one!.

"This should be an excellent talk and will encourage local people to be proud of the town and surrounding landscape and the wildlife that it supports."