STUDENTS have been urged to register with a GP and dentist to protect themselves from common and serious illnesses.

Doctors have made the call to students studying at University of Central Lancashire's (UCLan) Burnley campus.

They said that teenagers should then ensure they are protected against potentially deadly flu and meningitis and septicaemia by taking the necessary vaccines if they have not done so.

Burnley GP and clinical lead for unscheduled care at East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group, Dr David White, said registering with a GP is 'vitally important'.

He said: “Starting university is an incredibly exciting time, but it is vitally important that students take the time to register with a GP and dentist and ensure that they protect themselves from common illnesses.

“What many students don’t realise is that once you have registered with a GP practice then you don’t have to do so again, even if you go home for summer, Easter or winter holidays. Once you’ve registered then you have your GP for the whole of your university life.

“Once you have registered with a GP and dentist, it is important to make sure that you protect yourself from common and sometimes serious illnesses by visiting your GP and receiving your Men ACWY and flu vaccine and checking that you have already had your MMR vaccine.”

Students can find out where their nearest GP practice is by visiting