A HOUSE HUNTER looking to move to Accrington took to social media in search for some advice – and the response was pretty savage.

Sammy Healy posted in the popular Hyndburn Chat Facebook group looking for the lowdown on life in lovely Accy - and the post went viral sparking hundreds of comments in a few hours.

In the first 24 hours more than 370 people offered up their advice.

While many of the comments were constructive, it’s fair to say not everyone was exactly helpful.

To be fair, some of the responses were downright savage with one user advising the house hunter to ‘avoid the area like the plague.’

In the original post, Ms Healy said: “Thinking of moving to Accrington, in your opinion what is the nicest area? Is it bad for crime?”

Since the post went live on Sunday lunchtime, almost 400 people have responded.

One said: “Nicest area? Don’t move to Accrington if you are looking for a nice area,” while another added “I wouldn’t bother.”

One Facebook user joked: “The best area of Accrington is anywhere outside of Accrington,” while another said: “Asking what is the nicest area of Accrington is like asking which is the friendliest STI.”

Another remarked that he had such an unpleasant time living in the town, that he moved to another country.

He said: “I lived for three years in Accrington. Got burgled in first few months. Both cars stolen during a spike in car crime. Kids hanging round causing trouble and had bricks thrown at me whilst out running. People dumped rubbish in my back alley pretty much all the time.

“I may have just been unlucky, but I moved to France instead!”

A woman who has recently moved to the town had didn’t have positive advice to give either.

She said: “I moved to Accrington four or more years ago from a small quiet village I definitely don't like Accrington.

“It is full of crime and constant police cars. But around Accrington like Baxenden or more towards Ribble Valley is lovely.”

But not everyone was so negative about the town, with many users offering up genuine suggestions where to set up a home in Hyndburn.

Huncoat, Stanhill, Oswaldtwistle and Baxenden were all popular suggestions in the borough from the hordes of posts.

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One commenter said: “All these comments saying Accrington is bad – if it is that bad leave, nobody is making you stay.”

Another said: “Move to the outskirts of Accrington. All town’s in the UK have their bad areas – that is a fact. Or you could move towards the beautiful Ribble Valley.”